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End of The Tower

How do you summarize four years? I feel like this is my college thesis.

"Home" was written on a drawing of The Tower, and it became so.

Never in my life have I been blessed with such a home, and such a close-knit circle of friends and family and spiritual support.

I don't think either Matt or I intended The Tower to become it's own entity, but like my Nana used to believe, homes have their own spirit. Left to their own devices and given enough energy, a home will become what it needs to and speak loudly if someone is there to listen.

I'm sitting in the parlor at almost 3am and looking at the boxes and stacks of paintings around me and I become increasingly aware of how blessed I have been for the past four years. I knew this day would come and I think we all did. What is important is that the lessons were learned and this time was not spent in vain.

The four lessons

Pragmatism (2006)
There's an easy way to remember the lesson: "Remove emotion". So you are having a frustrating situation at work, or maybe with a loved one. Remove your emotion from the situation. Are you really upset, or is this an issue that can be resolved just with cool thinking and a little planning. Even though we tend to become overwhelmed there really aren't many situations that are too big for anyone to handle. Even big challenges have checks and balances, and there is always a way out of every well.

Accomplishment (2007)
A man stands on a cold hill and his armor is tattered. He has dried dirt on his face and behind him are miles he has traveled and the corpse of a dragon. He holds his hands up and sees dirt covered in blood covered in dirt. He looks up to the sky and clouds slowly cover the sun. A cool rain falls gently over him, bathing him in a refreshing mist.

Accomplishment is usually something that you realize after you are through a tough chapter in life. Those times you keep pushing forward and keep forcing yourself to get up every day, and then all of a sudden you realize a year has gone by and you were able to save up or continue on or just survive. Write your intent on a piece of paper and put it under a stone in the garden, or put it under a special vase on the shelf. You will be surprised how soon you accomplish what you set out to do.

Equilibrium (2008)
To any great change there must be a balance after. Water seeks it's own level, and if you add more water to the pond, there must once again be a point of level. Any time you go through a tremendous change at once, you must take time after to regroup, and understand how your life is changed, and how to acclimate to your new life. Sometimes the lessons aren't that huge, but even when you change your perspective; there is often a need to change the way you look at things around you. When we change we don't leave who we are behind. When we change we add those new qualities to who we've already become.

Becoming (2009)
This is the year of becoming, inspired by the scarab. It is a time to put to use the tools we have worked on, and change into who we are destined to be. The symbols for the year are the butterfly, moth, scarab, phoenix, the death card, and The Star. I don't know what is to come yet, but consider this concept as we progress through this year.

Constant Vigilance
This concept came about through a tarot card draw. This is the concept that inspired the eternal flame on the altar. Spirituality is not a coat to put on or a special pair of shoes. The energy felt and used and harnessed is something that exists, that must be cultivated and cared for every day. We should train ourselves to work each day, constantly, to become better and greater, and send it back out into the world.

Permanent Elevation
Always visualize yourself in a better place than you are now. There is always room for improvement and growth. Always move forward. To quote Reepicheep from the Chronicles of Narnia: "Onward and upward!".

What's next?

Earth. Earth magic. Gardening, bugs, plants, animals, birds, nature. I have a small plot of private woods at my disposal in my new location, and I'm hoping to find a special place in the forest and get to know the spirits of the water and the ground.

Writing. The Tower story will not write itself.

Tarot. Now more than ever.

It might be impossible to write out everyone I'm thankful for, but to the Friends of The Tower, you will be in my heart, mind, soul, stories, prayers, and address book forever.

Be kind to each other, and NEVER STOP THE LEARNING!!!

Chelsea of The Tower signing off.

p.s. Where there are crows, there is magic!

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