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The Big Update

I haven't posted for months that I can recall, and I thought everyone would be interested in the goings ons of The Tower, and generally how we're all doing.

In general, we're in tact. We've battoned down some hatches for winter. There are some windows that haven't been opened in weeks, but the hearth fire does continue it's diminished little glow. I long for a streak of really warm days/afternoons when I can do a spring cleaning and "hoover" the carpets, mop the floors and dust off the crud from everything. We're withdrawn.

This isn't to say we aren't open for business.

I'm continuing my silent trudge forward in my self-teaching tarot practice, and I promise to soon resume readings.

We're all doing okay.

The cat is happy and healthy and still doing that damn thing with his water dish. He's also happy to report that he still has his favorite toy, and he continues to sleep with his teddy bear every night without fail.

The humans are both recovering from what I can only presume was the flu that had been going around. I wasn't sure we were going to make it for a while there. I had to take a day off my second week of work, but I was really just THAT sick.

The male half of the contingent is in recovery now. After that, and a hearty boil of the contagious linens, we should be in the black.

Not making much headway on the many projects I've strewn about the home, but as the mood is lifting with the clouds, I'm sure I'll have more energy to take up my needle and thread again. I've got some ideas for interesting dresses ~ for myself of course!

It's truly been a dark time this winter cycle. I have talked about the "Dark times" and drawing into the "Dark heart of the soul" before, but this year it really feels like I've been sucked into a place that has been really hard to get out of. I never expected to be someone to reach a place spiritually that was either stagnant, or a dead end, but I got there, and I'm moving upward from there.

I've learned a lot, and I hope as spring emerges, so will I.

Looking forward to Valentine's Day.. it'll be the first time in a long time.. or... ever... that I've actually had something to celebrate. Doing my best to look up the origin of the tradition, naturally.

Looking forward to Nerd Night, if you are normally part of that activity, also.. if you are part of the Moon group.. Let's discuss.

Thank you for your thoughts and energies.

We're almost back in business.
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