sparkle_journal (sparkle_journal) wrote,

Christmas Day Open House


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Yule, Chanukah, Kwanza, something else, or nothing ~ We are opening the doors of The Tower on December 25th for open house!

2pm - Whenever, feel free to stop by with family and friends, or just by yourself to get some Christmas cheer!

I know some of you are away from family or loved ones for the holidays, so let us be your surrogate family!

You don't need to bring a present.. but if you want to, we need tea lights and taper candles (any color).

When: December 25 2pm - ?
Where: The Tower
Who: Us, and you!
What: Christmas Open House
Why: Because tis the season!

If you have questions/comments feel free to ask!

Tags: christmas open house

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