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I could've danced all night!

My parents (The Robinsons) had invited Ryan and I to a big band night. It had been planned for a few months, and Ryan dusted off his Zoot Suit for the occasion.

It was at the Parish hall on the grounds of my parents church. Seems boring, but it was actually very charming.

Ryan wore his zoot, and I wore a polka dot dress with flats and some tights and a black sweater.

We met up with my parents.. the party was catered and we were fed a delicious baked chicken dinner.

Then the band started up!

I was nervous at first, having practiced very little at King of Clubs.. but Ryan asked me to dance, and I gave it a go.

It was okay! He's leads very well, and we even did some turns and some fancy steps. Ryan even asked my mom to dance and taught her a basic step. It was adorable!

Eventually we tired out after about seven - eight sets, and headed home. On the way to the car a fella stopped us and told us we were terrific dancers!

I have a feeling he was talking more about Ryan than I ;)

All in all it was a magical evening that I will never forget!!
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